Software Engineer (Python) Career Opportunities at Dev.Pro - 01

June 15

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JavaScript • Node.js • .NET • Java • C++

501 - 1000


• As a Software Engineer specializing in Python, you’ll be a vital part of our dynamic and robust community • You’ll get to work on various exciting and challenging projects across different domains, using your skills and expertise to deliver excellent services and solutions to clients worldwide


• 4+ years of experience in Python software development • Experience with Python frameworks (Django, Flask) • Profound database knowledge and hands-on experience • Practical experience with cloud service providers (AWS, GCP, Azure) • Familiarity with DevOps tools and practices • Knowledge of serverless technologies and containerization tools (Docker) • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities • Excellent communication and collaboration skills • Upper-Intermediate English level


• Personalized career growth plan tailored to your aspiration • Expert feedback to elevate your skills for lasting success • Priority consideration by Dev.Pro for suitable job openings within the company • Opportunity to work with top global corporations and participate in industry-shaping projects • Give us a chance to get to know you better so that when the right position becomes available, you’ll be the first one we reach out to!

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