APP Developer

December 17, 2023

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Your Gateway to the World of Cryptocurrencies

51 - 200


• Responsible for company APP product business development • Deeply involved in product requirement discussions and technical solution design • Focus on performance and data-driven improvement of user experience


• Minimum 2 years of Flutter development experience, 3 years of iOS/Android client development • Independent project development and deployment experience • Familiarity with project development and collaboration processes • Ability to handle complex business architecture design • Proficiency in optimizing business cases using multi-threading • Prior experience in business refactoring and securities trading preferred


• Best-in-class experience in trading, security, and blockchain product innovation • Democratizing access to the markets • Joining a decentralizing force in the world • Unlimited development space and future prospects • Working with a top-notch team • High-performance, reliable, and innovative platform • Challenging and solving unknown problems

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