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May 24

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GroupCollect provides registration technology and payment solutions to professional group tour operators.

2 - 10


• Building new features from zero to production • Reviewing your teammates' code and ensuring the codebase stays clean • Keeping an eye out for the cobwebs and refactoring as you go along • Working with designers and stakeholders on different ideas • Putting on your architect hat to avoid costly mistakes and implementation rabbit holes


• Full-stack developers with mid to senior-level experience • Deep knowledge of Elixir & Phoenix or similar front-end stack • Familiarity with Tailwind and LiveView • Willingness to learn and work with different technologies • Ability to write simple, clean and effective code


• Helping music teachers manage their administrative tasks efficiently • Working with a team that values each other's opinions and enjoy each other's personalities • Working in a small-ego environment and being a part of delivering a great product to customers • Opportunity to learn a lot and wear a lot of different hats.

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