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• Managing Calls: Here will be about 80% of your day. You'll be fielding inbound and outbound calls in a friendly and professional manner, ensuring every patient feels heard. • Scheduling Appointments: Your organizational skills will be gold as you efficiently schedule patient appointments, ensuring the smooth operation of the medical practice. • Record Keeping: You’ll need to use your keen attention to detail to confirm and reschedule appointments while maintaining meticulous digital records. • Creating a Welcoming Experience: You’ll provide a welcoming and comfortable experience for ALL patients, resolving any issues with empathy and efficiency. • Communication: You’ll engage daily with US clients to book appointments and handle inquiries, making every conversation count. • Administrative Support: You’ll act as the virtual receptionist for doctor practices, ensuring all front and back-office operations run smoothly. • Bookkeeping: This will be a smaller part of your role, but you’ll maintain an accurate and organized digital record and invoicing system, when and if needed. • Ad Hoc Activities: You will also be dealing with some ad-hoc activities, if and when necessary.


• Excellent interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence since you will be dealing with patients all the time, making your ability to connect with them crucial. • Proficiency in written and verbal English communication as you'll need to send clear and professional messages and emails to our clients. • Strong problem-solving skills and adaptability given that you’ll need to handle various situations and clients to keep front and back-office operations running smoothly. • Detail-oriented with the ability to manage multiple tasks as you'll handle many patient appointments, so accuracy is key to avoid inconveniences. • Knowledge of appointment management and record-keeping since confirming, rescheduling appointments, and maintaining digital records efficiently is key.


• Work remotely: Enjoy the flexibility of working from home in a comfortable and productive environment. • Be Trained & Developed: We value our staff and are committed to developing their skills with our comprehensive training programs. • Earn in USD: Secure a rewarding position that pays in dollars.

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