Golang Engineer (AI, ML)

June 21

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51 - 200


• Our aim is to decentralize and enhance the democratization of GPU computing, assisting individuals requiring resources for AI and ML-related tasks • Software Developers proficient in Golang to contribute to our new product related to AI and ML


• Strong general experience in back-end development • At least 4 years of experience with Golang and you know its language specifications • Commercial experience on high-load systems (from 100,000 RPS) • Previous experience in designing complex loaded and distributed systems • Extensive experience with Postgres, Redis, Apache Kafka or Nats • At least Upper-intermediate level of English • Deep knowledge and strong experience in containerization (Docker, Rancher etc) • Familiarity with GPUs and deep understanding of their operation • Experience using GPUs directly or renting them to run own models • Keen interest in understanding how ML and AI tasks operate on hardware


• United minds culture (94% of our team would recommend Hiveon to their friends) • Remote work with absolutely flexible working hours • Unlimited vacations & sick leaves • Learning & Development events compensation • Freedom of innovation and creativity • Only necessary processes and meetings, no bureaucracy • Experience working with highload and diversed products

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