Product Analyst

March 8

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Mobile Industry and Start-up Recruitment



• Contribute to development of AI driven tagging processes. • Supervise manual QA processes and ensure high accuracy in the taxonomy. • Write SQL queries and build dashboards to analyze user data and uncover insights. • Identify key metrics and KPIs to measure the success of product features and new releases, tracking pre-launch performance and post-launch changes. • Answer questions about user behavior and the performance of products as questions arise among product and design teams. • Participate in customer interviews to learn about customer use cases and challenges. • Communicate data insights and recommendations to product managers, designers, and leadership. • Work with engineering teams to improve data infrastructure and analytics capabilities.


• You love learning about customer challenges and advocating for the customer through qualitative and quantitative information. • You move fast: you know when a 1-hour 80% solution is better than the 1-day 100% solution. • You’re curious: you want to understand the “why” behind the data and you want to tell an accurate story.


• Flexible time off to empower employees in shaping their work-life balance. • Health and wellness stipend aimed at fostering physical and mental fitness. • Monthly internet stipend alongside a one-time $500 home office stipend to support remote work arrangements.

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