Front-end Developer - GR

March 19

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TileDB, Inc.

Manage any data as multi-dimensional arrays and access with any tool at global scale, all serverless.

11 - 50


• Writing well-designed, testable code to develop functional and high quality web applications and library components • Working on published npm packages written in Typescript • Converting beautiful designs to pixel-perfect web pages • Coordinating with various teams working on distinct layers • Share and promote your ideas towards the improvement of the products and the business


• Strong experience with Typescript • Strong experience with React JS • Strong experience with Unit testing / E2E testing (Jest, react-testing-library, cypress) • Experience with Storybook • Experience with Web APIs (webworkers, service workers, indexedDB) • Experience with SCSS (BEM methodology and CSS Preprocessors) • Experience with build tools / module bundlers (webpack, parcel, etc) • Experience with designing and consuming HTTP APIs • Bonus points: • Experience with static site generators (gatsby, nextjs) • Experience with monorepos (yarn workspaces, lerna) • Experience with publishing npm packages • Experience with GO programming language • Experience with Docker • Experience with AWS


• Stock options • Private medical insurance (MetLife) • Flexible hours - we do our best to allow schedules that fit everyone's needs • Generous training budget - we love Ardan Labs' Ultimate Go!

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