QA Automation Engineer

March 7

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Two Six Technologies

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• Designing and developing test automation suites for APIs, web based user interfaces, and other types of applications • Collaborating with engineers and operations to integrate automated testing into CI/CD pipelines • Operating in a collaborative, agile environment with a focus on quality assurance • Continuously learning and improving in an agile software development environment • Working in a fully remote team with diverse skills and experiences


• Experience building automated test suites for APIs, web-based user interfaces, and other applications • Solid understanding of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, React, Next.js, and other web technologies • Experience with Python or similar languages • Experience with AWS or similar cloud-based infrastructure • Experience with testing scalable, data-driven applications deployed to production SaaS environments


• 100% Remote working • Collaborative and diverse work environment • Opportunities for growth and learning • Competitive salary and benefits package

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