Product Operation Systems Engineer

April 22, 2023



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Dexterity, Inc.

Autonomous robots with human-like dexterity.

51 - 200


• Responsible for ensuring deployment of all robotic systems can meet the desired internal and customer goals. • Coordinate and facilitate meetings across various departments. • Audit robotic systems in post-installation and production phases. • Test robotic systems in a production setting and document bugs. • Draft technical documentation for deploying robotic systems. • Technical knowledge or similar skills in 1 or more of Mechanical HW & 3D Design (Solidworks), Electrical Systems & Troubleshooting of them, Network Engineering & ITSW Programming (Python, Linux, Github), or Project Management, Leading others.


• BS/AA in an engineering discipline related to robotics (CS/EE/ME etc,). If no degree, apply with confidence in learning the products and industry. • Attention to detail & general engineering, testing, and debugging skills. • Commitment to travel and work at customer sites. • Willingness to work long hours when required to get the job done. • May be required to work extended hours during planned and unplanned maintenance.


• Dexterity's breakthrough technology aims to positively transform the world. • Opportunity to work in a fast-growing company with a focus on passion, trust, and dedication. • Join a diverse and multidisciplinary team working on intelligent robots.

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