Senior Software Engineer, Machine Learning Infrastructure

April 16

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1001 - 5000


• As a Senior Software Engineer focused on ML Infrastructure, you’ll focus on bringing the Thumbtack’s ML Infrastructure vision to life. • Collaborate with engineers, applied scientists and product managers across engineering to refine and execute on our shared vision for generative AI, feature platforms, model deployment, and model monitoring. • Drive projects to completion with a tenacious focus on the business impact of those projects • Solve tough technical problems and stay up-to-date with the latest advances in this constantly evolving problem space.


• 5+ years of industry experience in engineering • 2+ years of industry experience working on machine learning modeling or infrastructure • You’re fluent in at least one major programming language and would be able to switch between multiple languages. In our stack, we use Go and Python most heavily. • You have experience building software on top of relational databases such as Postgres or MySQL. • You can break down complex problems rigorously and understand the tradeoffs necessary to deliver great, impactful products. • You’re curious, you’re data-driven, you love to ask questions, and you think critically about problems. • You love delivering value to your users and your teammates through your work.


• Virtual-first working model coupled with in-person events • 20 company-wide holidays including a week-long end-of-year company shutdown • Libraries (optional use collaboration & connection hubs in San Francisco and Salt Lake City) • WiFi reimbursements • Cell phone reimbursements (North America) • Employee Assistance Program for mental health and well-being

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