Lead UI/UX Engineer

October 25

🌎 Anywhere in the World – Remote

💵 $170k - $190k / year

⏰ Full Time

🟠 Senior

🎨 Product Designer

Voltron Data

Connecting data, hardware, and developers

51 - 200


• Learn the various components of the Voltron Data Enterprise Integrations stack. • Contribute to existing UI initiatives and provide feedback on usability improvements. • Work closely with the Design team to implement styling and branding deliverables from Figma. • Extend the API layer and propose additions / modifications when appropriate. • Plan and organize future initiatives around extending Voltron Data’s UI product offerings.


• Strong experience developing in Typescript and Javascript. • Experience crafting user journeys and gathering feedback from users. • Strong proficiency with HTML and CSS. • Previous experience with React or React-based systems such as Next.js • Experience working in cloud environments such as AWS, GCP, or Azure. • Past experience developing and deploying services in containerized environments. • Experience with end-to-end testing frameworks such as Cypress. • Previous experience working with design and prototyping tools such as Figma or Adobe XD. • Experience building microservices for cloud environments in languages such as Golang, Rust, Typescript, etc. • Past experience working with various authentication providers such as Okta, Google, etc. as well as OAuth 2.0 flows. • Experience implementing responsive layouts for multiple display sizes. • Experience with observability tools such as OpenTelemetry. • Past experience with Kubernetes.


• Work from Anywhere - Payroll and Benefits in 150+ Countries • Unlimited PTO • Medical, Dental, and Vision • Retirement [USA Only] • Home Office Budget • Continuing Education Budget

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